Unleashing The Idea Virus

December 23, 2016

The #1 question people ask me after reading Permission Marketing: “So, how do we get attention to ask for permission in the first place?” This manifesto is the answer to that question.


If you don’t have time to read the whole book, here’s what it says:

Marketing by interrupting people isn’t cost-effective anymore. You can’t afford to seek out people and send them unwanted marketing messages, in large groups, and hope that some will send you money.

Instead, the future belongs to marketers who establish a foundation and process where interested people can market to each other. Ignite consumer networks and then get out of the way and let them talk.

If you’re looking for mindblowing new ideas, you won’t find them in this, or any other marketing book. Guerrilla marketing, 1:1 marketing, permission marketing—these ideas are not really new, but they are thoughtful constructs that let you figure out how to do marketing better. The fact is, if we built factories as badly as we create advertising campaigns, the country would be in a shambles. This book will help you better understand the time- honored marketing tradition of the ideavirus, and help you launch your own.

Questions the book answers:

  1. Why is it foolish to launch a new business with millions of dollars in TV ads?
  2. Are the market leaders in every industry more vulnerable to sudden successes by the

    competition than ever before?

  3. Should book publishers issue the paperback edition of a book before the hardcover?
  4. What’s the single most important asset a company can create—and what is the simple

    thing that can kill it?

  5. Every ad needs to do one of two things to succeed…yet most ads do neither. What’s the

    right strategy?

  6. Does the Net create a dynamic that fundamentally changes the way everything is


  7. How can every business…big and small…use ideavirus marketing to succeed?


AUTHOR:  Seth Godin

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