Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day

December 22, 2016

What You Will Learn

Facebook has attracted hundreds of millions of users in just a few years. this book will help you learn how to tap into this wealth of consumers for whatever marketing purposes you have. You may need to drive traffic to a web site. You may want to use Facebook to drive awareness of another type of marketing campaign. You may just want to get the word out about your own Facebook presence in what is an increasingly crowded space. this book will teach you how to mine Facebook for the very people you need in order to have a successful marketing campaign, regardless of the goals.

What Is Covered in This Book

Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day is organized to turn you into a social media mar- keting powerhouse while attracting people in your target market to your organization cost effectively.

Chapter 1: Internet Marketing 1985–2010 Walks you through the evolution of Internet marketing, from closed services to portals to search and now social media.

Chapter 2: What Is Facebook? Summarizes the Facebook phenomenon, the basics of how Facebook works, and how Facebook fits into the social media landscape.

Chapter 3: Develop a Facebook Strategy and Measure Success Helps you frame your approach in terms of success metrics that will drive your work and inevitable adjustments to your campaign.

Chapter 4: Month 1: Create the Plan and Get Started the first chapter with “hour a day” content, designed to create your first Facebook marketing campaign.

Chapter 5: Month 2: Establish Corporate Presence with Pages and Groups Summarizes the two primary means by which organizations create an “official presence” that is used to communicate with consumers and other target audiences.

Chapter 6: Month 3: Create Demand with Facebook Ads Highlights the wide range of opportunities in promoting a website or Facebook presence using Facebook’s self-serve advertising system, one of the best values in Internet marketing in 2010.

Chapter 7: Month 4: Advanced Tactics and Campaign Integration Includes information on a variety of Facebook platform extensions and features designed to help the marketer create better and more engaging social network marketing campaigns.

Chapter 8: Customized Experiences via Facebook Applications A detailed overview of opportunities in custom applications on Facebook and how applications may be used in the future.

Chapter 9: The Analytics of Facebook Summarizes all the metrics that are discussed throughout the book to make it easier for you to understand how to keep score and moni- tor success.

Chapter 10: Organizational Considerations Helps frame Facebook marketing oppor- tunities, risks, and threats as it pertains to specific types of organizations that see the opportunities in Facebook.

AUTHORS: Chris Treadaway Mari Smith

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