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December 22, 2016

The BookScout ClubWhen it comes to business books and marketing books, there’s a simple fact…

Those who read books are typically smarter. But those that read books and take action are typically richer.

The challenge is finding the right books to read. That’s where The BookScout Club comes in.

We scout the web in an endless pursuit of the best PDFs, Books and Guides we can find. Then periodically (by email) we share our discoveries with our members.

Best of all, we don’t charge a penny for doing this… nice, huh?

Oh… (here’s a little secret): The best advice and wisdom is not always found in the newest releases. We look only for the good stuff, regardless of when it was published. Read a few and you’ll see what we mean.


BookScout comes bundled with it’s sister service: ProfitScout. ProfitScout combs the web for the best business and marketing TOOLS and SERVICES to help grow your online business and bank account. Membership in both are combined and both services are free. After you join The BookScout Club you’ll be invited to take a short survey to set-up The ProfitScout Club categories of interest and preferences. It’s a winning combination.

Get registered, get smart, get rich!

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