107 Ways to Dominate Email Marketing

December 22, 2016

In case you are just getting started with email marketing, or you’re in the camp of thinking Email has fallen out of vogue because of the sexy social media, this guide is for you.

While social media may have captured the most attention in recent years, savvy marketers know that the end game with social media is always the same: capture more emails.

Why? Because it moves the conversation about your product to an infinitely more private and personal environment – the inbox.

Email is often the last step in the “marketing” process, and for many online buyers, your email communication is what determines whether or not a sale will be made.

Email marketing is also extremely cost effective. Popular email marketing services start between $10 – $19/ month and according to the Direct Marketing Association the average ROI for email marketing is $40.56 for every $1 invested.

Let’s not get carried away though. Like a garden only bears flowers when tended to properly, so it is with email marketing.

You know it can work. You may have seen results yourself in the past, and you’ve certainly seen it work for others (heck you bought this guide, right?)

But in order for it to really work, you have to get the basics down. The basics of building a list of people who opt in, who want to hear from you, crafting a message that resonates with them, and ensuring your emails get through to them.

Once you have the basics down, there’s a whole spectrum of sophisticated tactics you can use to drive further success, because there’s always room for improvement.

To understand the basics of email marketing, you must first understand where it fits into your overall marketing strategy. Too often, people start a marketing discipline without considering how it fits into an overall strategy. Ignorance of the big picture is what leads to popular arguments like “Social Media has no ROI” or “Email Marketing is Dead”

AUTHOR:  Michael Dunlop

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